Improve Online Reputation

How Can You Improve Your Online Reputation?

Most of the time you would not be able to remove negative online reviews or defamatory content, but it is definitely possible to increase positive content about you so that the positive content can take over the initial pages of the search results, therefore pushing down negative content.

The problem with online review sites is that many of them would never ever allow you to remove a post after it’s there. You cannot even sue these websites because the law protects them as public forums. On top of that you may not know who posted this content to sue them. So the best option might be to push these content down to second and third page of Google so very few people would see them.

How Can Fix Bad Reputation Help?

We have have been very successful in pushing reviews and defamatory content out of the main page of search engines for our clients. We work with both business and individuals who have reputation problems. Our typical business clients are doctors, dentists, restaurants, veterinarians, spas, gyms, entertainers, actors/actresses, models and many different types of retail stores and service type businesses.

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