Here are some testimonials from various clients. Please understand that full names have been edited due to the sensitivity of these matters and their privacy. However, references are available for serious prospects upon request.

“Thank you so much for thedirty removal, I really appreciate it. Yes you can go through with the rest of the payment, it is such a relief to have these lies removed! Thank you again to you and your team. I will definitely return to you guys if anything like this should happen again. Thanks again.”

– Amanda L. from Malibu, CA

“As a web designer I work with several small businesses that had bad reviews in Yelp. I referred several clients to Fix Bad Reputation and they were able to remove some of their negative reviews. I don’t know how they do it, but I am just glad to have found them. “

– Web Designer from Glendale, CA.

“My daughter had some very negative information and pictures posted on the site thedirty.com. The accusations were totally untrue and for 2 years it has caused our family nightmares. My daughter was even on the verge of a suicide. We contacted thedirty several times, but they would not remove the listing.  I am glad you guys were able to remove it in such a short time. I will definitely recommend you to others.”

– Mother from Austin, TX.

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