Post Removal

What does offer? is a site that allows anyone to post complaints or negative reviews regarding services they have received or items they have purchased. The site allows anonymous reviews, meaning you can use a fake name and fake email address to post a review. There is an email verification email that goes out, but even if you do not approve, your post would go live!

What this means is that it would be very hard to find out who posted the review and to take any type of legal action to get the post removed.

How to get removed from is known not to remove anything just by asking.

Fortunately, we offer a legal service to remove the posts from completely and have been successful in doing so for many clients. Best of all, we will not charge any fees upfront until we are successful in the removal.  We complete removals usually within 7-10 days.

If you would like to receive a quote for Complaints Board post removal, please feel free to contact us or complete our contact form. Make sure to include a link to the negative post.

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