Yelp Negative Review Removal & Increase Positive Reviews

How Can You Remove Yelp Reviews?

We offer a service to remove negative reviews on Yelp. However, not every review is a candidate for removal. In our experience only about 10% of reviews are good candidates. We would only charge a service fee if we are successful in removing your reviews.  Our service works by sending legal letters to Yelp legal department and knowing the guidelines in which Yelps operate with so we can argue a removal successfully.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us so one of our analysts could let you know if your negative reviews are good candidates for removal.

How Can You Increase Positive Yelp Reviews?

In addition, we offer a service to increase your positive reviews on Yelp naturally. We provide you with a software platform to send out surveys to find out how your clients feel about you and to reach out and resolve any issues before they leave you negative feedback.

Our online platform will also provide you monitoring services on Yelp, so should you get a negative review, you would get an alert.

If interested in more details or pricing, please contact us.  Online demos are available, which takes about 15 minutes.

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