Reportmyex Post Removal Service is a cheater reporting website. It used to be at URL before, but seems to have changed to this new URL permanently. The website does not remove any content directly via email requests and does not remove content even if the poster asks. However, they may comply with legal requests from attorneys or reputation management companies.

FixBadReputation offers a legal removal service to get content removed from We guarantee removal from this website or you would not pay. For as little as what an attorney would charge you for an hour of work, we can remove the content for you. If you try to hire an attorney to do this for you, you would have no guarantees. Plus the attorney may not know where to serve the letter as the site keeps their identity a secret. However, we have tracked down their info and can send legal requests for removal.

Please be advised that they may decline some removal requests for various reasons, but we provide a full money back guarantee in case we fail.

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