Fix Bad Reputation to offer Court Ordered Removals

court ordered removalsWe have announced a partnership with an attorney that will allow us to remove many defamatory posts legally. The way it works is that we file a lawsuit against the poster. Most often the poster is anonymous and may not show up and this may result in a default judgment. If they do show up, we would still continue lawsuit to get a settlement.  As part of the settlement we ask the court to provide legal removal requests to Google, Bing, Yahoo and the offending website, (aka Court Ordered Removals).

Sometimes the offending website may not remove the content, but 99% of the time Google will honor these court ordered removals. If it cannot be found in teh major search engines then the problem is solved.

This is one of the best ways to remove defamatory content from appearing online.

Read the full press release here: Fix Bad Reputation Announces Legal Partnership to Remove Negative Reviews Online



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