How to remove Naked Pictures Posted Online by Your Ex

lingerie girl revenge pornIf you’re one of the thousands of people who fall victim to an ex posting your naked pictures online, or “revenge porn”, then you’re probably dealing with some heavy fallout. Evidence shows that this type of crime disproportionately affects women and girls more than men or boys, and it can ruin lives. Revenge porn can destroy reputations, kill employment opportunities and decimate relationships (present and future).

Victims of this type of crime often find that navigating the legal waters of their problems can be quite difficult. The burden of proof is on the victim, who must establish that the crime in question was part of a pattern of behavior meant to cause harm to the victim. If there is only one picture, or if the picture is not readily available to the public, that can be grounds for a case to be dismissed.

Of course, that leaves the victim powerless.

Dealing with the Problem

The good news is that Google and reputation management firms can help those caught in these types of situations. If you can prove that the video or photo of you was taken with intent to be kept private, and that the sharing occurred without your consent, Google will block those images and videos from appearing online. You must file a legal request with the search engine, but you will be able to scrub your results clean.

Google cannot remove that content from the Web entirely, and your search results will include a disclaimer at the bottom that certain results were omitted. That’s where reputation management can help.

These companies can bring the fight to the webmasters who host your content, and they can help you reclaim your search engine real estate. If you’re being harassed online, reputation management companies can help make that content disappear too. Some even work with legal firms for an effective “two pronged” approach that can solve most problems long term.

Final Thoughts

If you’re nervous about your online reputation, and you feel you have no legal recourse, there are still actions you can take to protect yourself. Scrub the search results clean so that content doesn’t continue hurting you, take control of your Web properties and remove that content from the Web. This is the best course of action when your ex has posted photos of you online.

If you need help with this process, contact us. We provide naked picture removal services. Don’t let your unwanted nude photos linger out there.

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